end toxic prisons

Block The Pipeline

In response to the Labor Government’s proposal to build a new youth prison in Cairns, the ‘End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ campaign calls to end the incarceration of First
Nations girls, boys and other criminalised young people.


End toxic prisons

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On the 5th of October 2022, Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk made a comment published by the ABC Far North, that Queensland’s Labor government are considering expanding youth detention and developing a youth prison in Cairns.

The ‘End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ campaign calls for an immediate end to youth incarceration and calls upon the government to invest in community-controlled solutions to end the criminalisation of marginalised people. We demand the government prioritise, the
development of local community care to address the underlying social issues that youth in Far North Queensland are subjected to.

‘End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ believes that the youth who will be targeted and disproportionately affected by the development of this state sponsored carceral project will predominantly be First Nations girls and boys. These new developments will enable the
carceral machine to more effectively coax young First Nations people into the criminal legal system. Our campaign seeks to end the gendered racialized violence against First Nations people and abolish the age of criminal responsibility – in order to prevent First Nations people being killed in custody.

This campaign is founded upon an abolitionist framework identifying a multitude of factors that contribute to the mass incarceration of First Nations people, and is driven towards the goal of ending carceral violence against First Nations people and communities.

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#endtoxicprisons Campaign
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Debbie Kilroy, CEO of Sisters Inside

Interview via ABC North about Qld crackdown on youth crime doing more harm than good and ending toxic prisons.
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” All children deserve to be treated with love, care and opportunity, however, many children in Queensland are not offered these basic necessities. Queensland’s Labor government is determined to continue incarcerating children, proving that political leaders in this state actively persevere to deny First Nations people freedom. First Nations people are murdered during custodial sentences, experience unjust aggressive policing, and face a multitude of social barriers. We need to value First Nations children and work collectively to ensure they are no longer imprisoned. We as a community must change the system and be the solution we wished to see.”
Ruby Wharton


‘End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ encourages the wider public to express their protest to the offices of Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Hon Leanne Linnard Minister for Children and Youth Justice, Member for Cook Ms Cynthia Lui and Treasurer Hon Cameron Dick Treasurer.