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End Toxic Prisons – Block The Pipeline

Here in NQ with community & locals who have joined our campaign #endtoxicprisons
Not one person we have spoken to wants a youth prison built by this government.
Cairns wants the $500m tax payers dollars allocated for a youth prisons for their community, for their solutions and not for a prison. Government must listen to us tax payers.
Community has the solutions. Young people have the solutions. A prison is not a solution.
Contact your local MP now and the Premier and demand that a youth prison must not be built. Our tax dollars must go to the community not a prison.


‘ End Toxic Prisons – Block the Pipeline’ encourages the wider public to express their protest to the offices of Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, Hon Leeann Linnard Minister for Children and Youth Justice, Member for Cook Ms Cynthia Lui and Treasurer Hon Cameron Dick Treasurer.